Vitali Alekseenok has been awarded Third Prize at the MDR Conducting Competition 2018 in Leipzig. As a prizewinner he will conduct MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra in concert in May 2019.

Tonight, exactly 20 years since the death of French composer Gérard Grisey, "ensemble paradigme" starts a concert series with his music. The series includes concerts in Weimar, Hamburg and Munich over the whole concert season. Tonight's concert consist of music by Grisey and his former student Jörn Arnecke who will talk about his collaboration with Grisey. All concerts will include a work introduction held by musicologist Florence Eller.

Today Vitali Alekseenok conducts new premiere of Udo Zimmermann’s opera “Weisse Rose“ which takes place in the theatre Belvedere Weimar. Opera describes last minutes of life and feelings of Hans and Sophie Scholl who has been the main participants of the Munich anti-Nazi resistance group „Weisse Rose“.